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02 September 2012

Another Publication

Howdy pals!

My friend Jewel is an amazing artist and you will see the two portraits that she has done of me for my Ma. She also put together an awesome book to present her recent work on her sled dog exhibition "Born to Run". My portrait is in there along with many other fuzzy faces you may recognise. 

Ma got a copy in the mail but I decided to have a flick through. Many of my pals are in there and looking pretty awesome! Hurrah all you awesome pals!! 

She does some wondrous work - please visit her website here and see all her great works of art - if you haven't already! 

Your pal


bbes tribe said...

Koda, you are one lucky dude to have portraits painted of you AND be in a publication!!

The Life of Riley said...

Wow - you have been immortalised in paint and are now in a book. That is so cool. If I lived closer I'd ask for your paw print!