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26 July 2012

Full of the lurgy

Hello folks

Ma has been struck down by the lurgy and is full of snots and coughs. Being the good Koda I am I was right there making sure she got through it a-ok.

It was hard work, it really was. All that snugglycosyness and day long naps. Sigh!

Now she is back at work and comes home grizzling about a sore noggin and a huffy snooter. Whats a lad to do!?

Hope you are all happy and healthy.



dArtagnan Rumblepurr/Diego Hamlet Moonfur said...

Ohhh Rumblemum has that, we're so happy to have her home with us!

Mango said...

Doggies sometimes need to sacrifice themselves for the never ending needs of the fragile humans. Good job nursing mom. Too bad her wellness goal was to go back to the workplace and not to have funballs with you.

Hang strong, my friend.


bbes tribe said...

Koda you are a wonderful watcher over for mom and taking care of her while she had the lurgy thing. You did such a good job of gettin' her better enuff to get back to that work place. We are sure you do miss her tho.