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23 May 2012

Race Prep


The blogger has changed and Ma is a bit frazzled with how it works.

I have been busy getting ready for this seasons sled dog racing events and Ma has been making me run about a bazillion kilometres for each training run to make sure I am fully prepared and fit she says.

I get rather tired after these horrendous distances

(Note from Ma: Our training runs are generally between 3 to 5km and we sometimes have breaks if its warm... We also go for walks during the week and make sure Koda doesn't get bored - a passion for running for Koda and having fun are at the top of my list!)

I actually love running lots and keep up with the others we train with although sometimes Ma has to scoot lots so we don't fall behind. She is good and scoots heaps during races so I can run faster!

We are doing freight this year - we did this last year too - Ma's scooter is weighted with lead plates so it is over 35kg in total. It means the lead plates are around 20+ kg and get bolted on so Ma can still work her scooting magic!

Last time I did freight I didn't even notice and actually ran better in my race than a normal scooter race!

See! I am a happy chappy when I've been running!

How have you all been?

Your pal Koda.