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21 July 2011


Hello folks!

Happy Winter from New Zealand!

We had some horrendous weather over a week ago which resulted in our skifields being graced with wonderful fresh snows and sent out farmers out to rescue their stock from high fields and countrysides. It also meant that I was stuck inside while it rained, hailed and sleeted up a storm. Since then it has been absolutely cracker weather which has resulted in outings finally!

Since we don't have anymore sled dog events coming up, Ma has got me practising my hearing and listening with weightpull. We got a lovely new harness from Nordkyn and Ma had to get it fitting just right, so we had a little puddle around in the weekend. The weight I am dragging is only about 25-30kg. Ma has two packaged up originally but when she attached me to that it was rather hard to drag... so one weight and sliding on the ground was just hard enough! Especially for a first practise.

Here I am having a thought as to why I should be pulling this wrapped up package behind me.. seems like a pointless exercise.. whats an MD to do?

So I did what an MD does best. Argue with the authority...

And talked back some more...

This clearly wasn't working, Ma made me pull this cumbersome thing for about 671258 miles (note from Ma: It was only about 20 metres all up...). The cheek of it.

Fine, Ma you win!! I'll blimming well just do it then!

OK. So maybe it wasn't that hard. But for dogness sakes WHY! If she wants the darn thing moved across the grass she can blimming well do it herself next time. (Note from Ma: YAY he hasn't lost his labrattention span, yet)

The competition for weightpull is in September and Ma says we only have to do this a little bit every couple of weeks just so I get back into the listening thing. She said that it was a bit embarassing last time when I nearly didn't pull until the time was up each time. I knew what I was doing... just wanted to create a bit of tension...

Hope everyone else is chugging along well and goodly and enjoying their summer or wintertime!

Cool beans



dArtagnan Rumblepurr/Diego Hamlet Moonfur said...

Ooo you could pull some MASSIVE tunas over to me!!!

The Life of Riley said...

Good to see you again Koda. That's a fancy looking harness you have - very smart against your black furs.


Benny and Lily said...

oh my word! Good luck that looks like hard work....It sure must be chilly willy there
Benny & Lily

Mango said...

Please come to my estate at once. I have a mango chariot I can hook you up to.

All that training and working out. My my. Hope the harness brings you good luck in the competition.


Remington said...

Very awesome, my friend!

Dakota and Georgia said...

Good to see you again! Georgia is going to try weightpull, so we'll see you at the Midway Challenge.


Moose said...

Momma was gonna do something like that to me once because the doc told her it would be good rehab for my knee. She never tried it though. Your mom is not so lazy as mine! Glad you stayed out of the weather!

Herb Alexander said...

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