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28 January 2011

Sore Schnoz

Hello pals

I am feeling a little sad because I have a very sore nose.

On Sunday I was attacked and just about left for dead. Ma tells me it may have been my fault because I got in another dogs face while he was very excited and didn't mind my manners and introduce myself nicely. I beg to differ.

My nose hurts.

My attacker was a fellow black dog, labrador crossed with something, you know the drill. Having something else with the olde faithful lab genes seems to induce serious wickedness. I can tell you, my attacker looked like this, if not worse and more scary:

No wonder I'm the one with the cut nose!
Note from Ma: Koda is being rather pathetic about the whole ideal... the cuts are 99% healed and are about the size of a grain of rice. They were mostly healed by Monday morning... Some extra scars have shown up now the fur has fallen away but these will hopefully fade.
I disagree. I am still in pain and going to have bright, jagged scars covering my nose for ever.
If you don't know already I am very bad for having white fur grow where I get skin injuries. This is why I have a white circle of white on my face where a whisker got infected and fell out, so where the scab was is now white, as is the place where they injected me when I got de-nutted and also on my tail where I had a hot spot, it has grown in all salt-and-peppery.
Ma says I'm one of a kind.
I'm going to interpret that in a good way...

22 January 2011


Hello Pups and Kittehs

We are enjoying some lovely sunny weather here in New Zealand at the moment. It is spectacular to bake in however I have found that my black fur is not always practical.

I have had a few parcels arrive in the last week or so and they have been very useful!

Firstly, my Torus waterbowl arrived, I have tried Team Husky's one and I find that even if I drink drink drink, the bowl does not empty. Ma chose a grey one cos she reckons that if there isn't some neutrality within my "stuff" she might go a bit blahblah at all the colours. Ma reckons that if I was thirsty I could probably drink the whole lot in one go. How kind of the bowl to refill for me.

I got my new weightpull harness from Nordkyn in USA. It is very nice cos Ma chose a good green one so I don't feel like too much of a twit in it. It has lovely fleece padding and is a perfect fit. However, if shes going to put it on me I expect that we do something with it instead of having a photo shoot then putting it back on the hook. Pfft!

Note: Pathetic, pleading expression.

I got this new bed! I didn't like it at first but we have bonded nicely. Ma says that I can have it in the lounge for now and when we go away to sleddoggery events over the winter months it will be in the back of the new Kodamobile along with my fleecy blankies. That way I will be warm and comfy so no excuses for running poorly.

As I said, we have been having cracker weather - sometimes it spectacularly sunny and warm like today, but othertimes it is rainy and miserable. A bit like me really. Nevermind. Ma has been growing tomatoes and carrots and things inside and on the nice sunny days she wrangles them outside so they can get some sun. They end up intruding on my sunbaking but I don't mind too much. In fact - I make sure that no bugs or angry butterfly things land on them.

Anyhow, I hope everyone is enjoying themselves as best as can be, there has been a few snippets of bad and sad news lately but it is important to remain peppy if possible, and remember those that can no longer be with us.
Koda MD
Inspirational today

15 January 2011

Cracker Dog - Mango Minster Entry!


Many of you regard me as a mild mannered, mature and straight-laced individual. MOST of the time Ma would admit that I am rather boring and mundane, slooping along in life with little inspiration.

This is why I have decided to let rip and enter Mango Minster to prove her wrong. There are many occasions when I flick my well-hidden switcheroo (click here for demonstration) and become a Cracker Dog!

Yes, normally I am a very calm dog. I share my toys with friends:

And tend to sleep a lot:

BUT. Inside I am like a rabid hyena, ready to pounce:
I take out my frustrations on anything:

It is frustration and pent up responsibleness that caused the extensive renovations to the facade on my house:
One cannot be a model citizen at every moment. The snow in September 2010 unleashed some sort of fury within me, ears and all:
I enjoy playing nice with my friends, you know the bouncy wouncy pouncy airy fairy stuff of generic labradors. The problem is... I don't have any boucny wouncy pouncy airy fairy friends to play with hence I seem either avoid at all costs... or turn into some sort of fang crazed demon and inflict serious revolt on my dearest friends, even ones that already have other injuries and are instructed to be on bedrest, they aren't immune to the "thing" that possesses me. It can't be all bad, they always seem to come back for more:

See, here is a perfect example of the calm before the storm, the "thing" has taken over my brain, made my eyes yellow and bared my teeth like some sort of psycho, it is about to strike:

The "thing" roaring to his minions:

OK, so sometimes I do think the "thing" is just a figment of my imagination. Sometime I do things just cos. I cleared this piece of greenery cos the bally told me he needed a dusty place to rest. Hang on, is it normal for tennisballs to hold a conversation? Hmmmmm:

Another example of "thing" takeover, I wonder if Yak is aware that a "thing" may be hiding in his brains too? The only thing is instead of making him act nuts, he becomes a kung fu master:

So dear friends... that is my entry to Mango Minster 2011. My name is Koda and I am a Cracker Dog.

08 January 2011

New wheels

Hello friends!

Happy Saturday and all that. I'd like to give a large and paw-worthy thank you and good wishes to all my 50 followers! You rock!

Introducing my new wheels:

After a thorough evaluation and inspection by the MD, I can now confortably announce that I APPROVE!
This is where I will aparently be stationed on our journeys... but Ma said I might be able to sit in the back seat if I am good when we are travelling round town until we get one of those barrier thingywhatsits cos she reckons I won't stay in the back anyway...
Ma has been incredibly thoughtful also and purchased me a nice comfy bed for my area and a torus waterbowl (if you don't know what they are, click here). We are waiting on them to be delivered. Oh how I enjoy receiving parcels!
Hope your Saturday is as exciting as mine!
Koda MD

06 January 2011


Hello friends

My Kodamobile is leaving us today and I am a bit sad. It has been with us through thick and thin and we have had some fantastical times together. However the new owner likes doggies (YAY) and I think she will treat it just fine.

The dear little carriage has carted me to sled dog training and my scooter even matches it decked in Arctic White.

It has taken me on visits to my friends, walkies in the forest and for scenic drives around town.

I either sit in the front or the back, the front is better to view the neighbourhood kitties of course. But Ma tells me the back is a lot safer for me to be.

We have even been on long excursions to weightpull and other sled dog events.

Farewell little car, Ma tells me she has bought something a lot better for me to replace you!
Koda MD
Note from Ma: Travelling in the little car is a pain in the butt when it comes to Koda because he will no longer sleep and even tho he is usually secured in the back seat, he tends to rest his schnoz on my shoulder or under my arm by the drivers door. I was getting to my wits end so decided to sell the little car and replace it with something a bit more practical which I think will be excellent in the long run. We will be getting the car either tomorrow or Saturday - its going to be pretty exciting to have some room!

05 January 2011


Good morning ladies and gentledoggies!

I'd like to introduce you to my friend Harold. Here are a few things you may want to know about Harold:

1. He bounces good when thrown.

2. He is a giraffe.

3. His head tastes like chicken.

4. He wears a red and white wasitcoat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It has never been washed.

5. Harold really does like my company, honest.

6. His butt squeaks.

Have a lovely day!
Mr Koda

03 January 2011

My new pets and growing stuff

Greetings puppies, kitties and families...

Day 3 of the New Year already and to be honest the weather has been pretty good, lots of sun to bake in, and a bit of wind to dry Ma's washing. All of you that are freezing cold, I am thinking of you, however you cannot have my sun just yet...

We got some new pets the other day... there are about 75 of them aparently however some are yet to hatch. I have been waiting anxiously for them to grow so I can play with them, or so I can teach them some Learning of the MD, however Ma says that this is unlikely to happen and I'd probably slurp them up by accident if given the chance. My slobbers could kill them.

So Seamonkeys it is:

They are very tiny at the moment, only 4 days old but the box said that they can grow to 3/4 inch long! Seamonkeys are a subspecies of shrimp called Artemia Nyos and to be quite honest they look a bit dorky flapping and jerking round the place. There is a very informative website here that answers all those inkling questions.
Heres a bit of colour for a Monday:

Ma bought a "grow your own tomatoes" pack in September. It came with 6 tomato seeds and a pot and everything. In November this is how far they had come:

Ma had weeded out two of the sadder looking seedlings. Look at this tiny pot. How in dogs name were they meant to flourish in there!
They are aparently a dwarf tomato. This doesn't explain why as of last week - they are THIS big:
There is even little tomatoes popping up. Ma is most pleased with her efforts however she would like to say that she absolutely despises tomatoes...
Ahh well.
Oh happy days!
Koda MD

01 January 2011

Happy New Year... and all that jazz

Hello ladles and jellyspoons!

I am spending the first day of 2011 sunning myself. Its not all bad.

Hope everyone else is recovering from the busy holiday season and enjoying their first day of 2011! And a piece of advice for the new year:

Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal ~ Pamela Vaull Starr

Mr Koda MD