Sleep 'til you're hungry, eat 'til you're sleepy ~ Unknown

The average amount of sleep required is 5 minutes more ~ Unknown

30 April 2010

Aunty Kylies Birthday Wishes

Hello Pals!
Its my Aunty Kylies 22nd Birthday today! She is the biggest noodlehead around! She broke my tail when I was just a little puppy and ever since then we've had a special bond.

Here I am with the sooky looking floppy tail:

I tried to leap onto her lap when she was sitting on the edge of my Mums bed, I missed cos i was a doofy puppy and fell backwards onto my tail. Its never been the same since!

My Aunty Kylie started her life as a blobby baby:

And growed up to be a lovely lady:

She is the worlds best at burping the alphabet, doing manburps and fake burping. Burping hehe very ladylike if you ask me! Its something to be proud of!

Heres a random shot of her stuck up a hill! Her and Mum went snowboarding/snowploughing last winter.

They aren't very good, maybe they'll go again. The stinky thing is that I have to go to the Doggy Jail. But thats ok I suppose, as long as Mum has fun... and remembers to pick me up again!

Happy Burpday Aunty Kylie

Love and cuddles from Koda!

28 April 2010

The Gambler

On a cold winter evenin'
In a lounge with a fire
I met up with the Gambler
He was just a puddy-cat

We took turns a playin'
With poker chips when rainin'
Pawin' them around and round
Until the dawn was there

You gotta know when to chew em'
Know when to pounce em'
Know when to knaw away
Know when to run

You better count your kitties
When you're sittin' at the table
There'll be time enough for chasin'
When the dealin's done

Mr Koda MD

27 April 2010

Aparently I'm not a great housemaid

I don't see why... I think I'm doing a fine job helping Mum make the bed!

26 April 2010


Good Day Gentle Doggies and Kitties

Hope everyone had a fantastical weekend with their hufamilies! I sure did.

Got some new toys the other day, here are some pictures of me playing/eating/pawing/chewing/knawing/looking/deciphering the toys...

The floppy eared, horizontal knaw method...
The widened suffocation method...
The corral, stare, pause, paws method...
Serious paws and clustered domination method...
All under my command...
Mr Koda MD
PS Man-of-the-house just sat in Mums icecream bowl, hilarious! I can barely hold myself together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was sitting beside her on the couch while she pawed this for me... USELESS. The upside is, however, I hope to snuffle up the remains! Nom nom nom

25 April 2010

22 April 2010


[In a whisper]:

Hi Pals...

I've put up some secret survellience kamrahs to get pics of the enemy we all have in common. Here she is corralled in my hallway, see the smoke growling from her? Metal plated skin, long electric tail, no face but a powerful sucky mouth... what isn't to be scared of?!?

Theres just one problem... I am trapped!

"Mum, help!"
She didn't help me by the way, she just stood there, useless as ever with the portable kamrah machine, giggling like an idiot. Sheesh!
"Right Mother, I'm going to have to make my way around this encumbrance without your assistance you big heffalump!!!"
"Oh poos, wrong way, I don't wanna back myself into a corner chaps!"
"One more pass by and I'm safe! Keep sleeping Monster!"

Taming this ornery beast might be a job for Jack and his cowboy hat!

What are you scared of?

Mr Koda MD
Safe... for now...

20 April 2010

R&R with SickMum, Date Night and a few other snippets

Greetings pals and palettes!

The week after Eastertime, my Mum was ridden with a horrible cold and she did a lot of sleeping on the couch and drinking water and stuff. She didn't go to work the lazy sod and spent 3 WHOLE DAYS whinging and moaning and wanting lots of sympathy.

It was good cos I got to be inside out of the cold and did lots of cuddling! I didn't mind.

The-Man-Of-The-House got this shot of me and Mum. I only woke up cos the lens cover spooked me awake!

Yip, I did sleep like this for about 2 hours!

It was bliss...

There has been a bit happening lately in bloggyland. I was looking forward to Twixy's Date Night which I was then confirmed a date of the lovely Lilibell!

I also found out that Newfoundlands AND Labrador Retrievers both come from Canada! That means me and Remington are practically cousins right?

I also realised I am probably of the US line of Labradors more commonly called "field" Labrador. Lighter, lithe, lighter and narrower heads than the UK "show" Labrador. Aparently the "field" Labradors are more high strung and high energy, however I disagree. I am a calm and collected lad who enjoys naptime immensely. My FurMum and FurDad are both fantastical gundogs used for retrieving ducks during duckshooting season.

I have also found an interesting thing on wikipedia stating "Labradors often suffer from Exercise Induced Collapse , a syndrome that causes hyperthermia, weakness, collapse and disorientation after short bouts of exercise."

I wonder if I should continue this life of naps and snoozing rather than exercising!!! It seems a pretty good excuse to stay on the couch to be honest!

The Labrador Retriever is classed as the most popular dog in the world! I wonder why!! Theres no doubt why, with gentlemen and gentlelady Labradogs such as Moose, Sasha, Sage, Jack, Mack & Mia, Dexter, Benson, Sassy Buddy & Zack and all the others I might have missed! I'm pretty sure everyone will agree they are all fantastical specimens of doggie!

Thats enough words for today!

Koda MD

19 April 2010

More fuzzy furiends

Hey pups!

Exciting news! Dakota and Georgia have their own blog now!!!!!! Pop over and say Hi!

Koda MD

18 April 2010

Koda and Yak - Wilderness Pups

Hello Boys and Grrls

Yak (Kodiak of Team Husky) is one of my most treasured furiends and we like having grand ole times together.

Oh! Before I forget, check out his awesome new wheels here! Isn't he just the coolest!?! I hear hes looking for a grrlfuriend too!

Mum was nice enough to steal him away so we could have some fantastical exploring times together, this is what we got up to:

Rabbit Poo Patrol on deck

"You have to focus Yak, or no Treasure Noms will be had by you!"
Ahh isn't it lovely to spend some time in the fresh air! Very refreshing and revitalising!

Mr Koda MD
Nom nom I can still taste the Rabbit Nugget Goodness in my teethyteeths!

16 April 2010

Remembering my Great-Grandpaw

Greetings Chaps and Chapettes

Today is my Great-Grandpaw's one year deathiversary.

He was the reason my Mum got me in the first place. Aparently he used to rave a lot about Labradors! He had a golden Labrador himself - her name was Tess - but I don't have a photo of her to share with everyone today unfortunately. I hear she was a very good doggy and loved my Great-Grandpaw too, so she is definately worth a mention here.

He came with my Mum when she chose me and took me home! So we had a furry special bond! When I used to visit Great-Grandpaw's place he would always have treats and pats for me... always.

Me and Mum spent lots of time with Great-Grandpaw when his health was slipping away from him. The other people said that the dog (being ME) had to stay outside, but Mum snuck me in so that I could be with my Great-Grandpaw. I would not dare be naughty cos I knew how frail and fragile he was, so I just sat around and occassionaly went over for some pats by putting my head on Great-Grandpaw's lap so he could reach me easily.

The night before Great-Grandpaw died, we stayed on the couch all night long, making my Grandma and my aunty and uncles coffee's and being there for them... I snoozed a lot but was alert to every sound. Grandma and my aunty were with my Great-Grandpaw all night long, holding his hands and being there fur him.

The next morning, Mum and I left to go and have a quick snooze and to get me something to eat. We quickly returned just in case Great-Grandpaw would slip away while we weren't there.

Great-Grandpaw slipped away later that morning (16 April 2009) surrounded by all the family.

Here are a few shots of my Great-Grandpaw:

Just a boy

On his wedding day

Trying his hand at goat farming and failing miserably

Chasing my Mum around a tree when she was a spring bean at Great-Grandpaws home

Out fur an enjoyable meal with the family

I'm sure my Great-Grandpaw is having a fantastical time wherever he is, whether he is dancing the night away with Great-Grandma or having a quiet whiskey and water while watching the evening news. He is super missed by me and my Mum and will always be remembered!

Missing my Great-Grandpaw

15 April 2010

Speckled white lies

Hi Pals

My evil plan has been foiled! You know how I told everydoggy and kitty about my dreadful birthday non-celebrations?

WELL (this is embarassing) I didn't tell you the full story...

The truth is... oh my dog this is hard... the truth is... I actually had a fantastic adventure while Mummy dearest was at work. You see she was working late, bringing home the bacon (I saw none of it) and Team Husky came and dognapped me and treated me to a birthday adventure filled with Companionship, Cuddles, Cooling, Couches, Cats, Coordination and Calmness. Everything a gentledoggy wishes for on his birthday!

I was trying to keep it secret from Mother Dearest so she would feel bad, but all has been revealed! I can no longer pull the "I-had-a-ridiculously-miserable-birthday-and-I-require-spoilment" card again!

Darn and blast!


14 April 2010

Siberian Husky Terrors (I mean Puppies)

Hi Puppies and Kitties

I am a Labrador Retriever - who doesn't retrieve and according to my Mum wasn't bred for brains, whatever that means.

Howlever, I have a bit of a "thing" for Siberian Huskies. Most of this is because most of the doggies in my sled dog club are Sibes and I am furiends with a heap of them. Also they have lots of trickery and trouble to be shared and I am a gullible dog. It's hard not to get sucked in.

I am a bit different from your usual Labrador. There are a few reasons why, I'll tell you some of them:

1. I play like a Sibe and I am very "rough". The only killer move I have when playing with a Sibe is that I can bark (loud) and can give them frights! Wahowl!

2. I can't howl, although I try and when I do it makes Mums eyes spill water while shes laughing. With me, not at me.

3. I am a very "lite" Labrador. I look reasonably feminine (no idea what that means) and I have a small head. Most people start with "What's her name?" BLAUGH! This point has nothing to with Sibes does it? No. Too bad.

4. I have learnt dog manners from the Sibes. Except I'm nicer.

5. I like to share. Toys, food, water, its all up for grabs! As long as I can still put my schnoozle in there for water and nomnoms. If dogs don't play with me I like to drop my toys on their heads.

6. I have different muscles. I think this is because we started walking with the sleddoggies when I was 8 months old and went on to pulling bikes and scooters when I was old enough.

7. I don't walk nice on the lead, at all. I'm pretty terrible at it.

Here is a little interlude from all these words:

I met these puppies the other day, aren't they sweet (blaugh, I was a bit sick in my mouth then). I'm sure they'll grow up to be fantastical Siberian Terrors.

Ahh well.

Mr Koda MD
Analysing his position in the dogworld

13 April 2010

Action shots!!!

Hello Pals!

Hey, Team Husky's Un-useless Mommypants took some lovely little shots of us at our sled dog club open day!

Take a look! Can you see a certain Ebony Someone starring in some of the delightful pics???

And also if you haven't yet visited my dear furiends at Team Husky - please pop by and say Hi!


12 April 2010

Princess Ali, Fabulous She, Ali Labraaaador


You know the song on the Aladdin movie ay? If you sing the title like that, it sounds cool.

This is me and Ali. She is great! Greatly annoying!!!!!!! She is like nearly as old as me, but she roars around like a puppy. Barking at me, chasing sticks, etc.

Being an MD, sometimes I have to put my paws down and just ignore it. So thats what I generally do, I trot along, acting disinterested. Mum says I'm like an old Grandad Cat. WHAT!

A Cat? All the bloggy kitties I know are bundles of fun. How can she call me a Cat like its a bad thing?

Nearing the end of our off-lead adventure, I did experience a surreal burst of energy which saw me zooming through the trees, Ali in tow - having a ball! Howeve I think I was drugged. This was not like me at all! It was like I was being controlled by some other force. Nevermind.

Anyhowl, at the end of our adventures we decided we better just put the walk/run/zoomies/snifferoonies behind us and act mature for a picture. Aren't we a good pair!

Yes, thats slobber sliming on my head...
These light coloured dogs, by dog they are hard work...
Hopefully we'll have another adventure sometime soon!
Koda MD

11 April 2010

Happenings and new Furiends!

Hey Pals

I've been out of action due to mother dearest being a sickypoo.. So I thought I'd give you a quick update!

First and furmost - Do you like my new bloggy colourscheme? I much prefer this to that dreadful pink of before! EUYUCK!

And Secondly - I have a new friend Sage - pop by and visit! They are reasonably new to the doggyblog world too.

And finally Thirdly - I'd like to introduce you to a pretty girl I met the other day. Her name is Dakota and she is a Sibe/Lab cross (Sibrador, Labraberian, Labrusky, Huskador, Sibradorian Retreiverusky or whichever you like the bestest!) She is a dear girl and just starting out with Sleddoggery activities! I hope to see more of her over the winter months!

Isn't she gorgeous?

She has the most loveliest fur - I am a little jealous! Silky like a Lbrador but lovely and long and thick like a Sibe.

AND she is lucky enough to have convinced her Humans to get her a lil sister - a Siberian Husky/Golden Retriever cross named Georgia! I bet she is going to have some fun with her around!

Koda MD - Pining for a wee sister...

08 April 2010

Birthday Happenings

Good Day!

As you all know it was my birthday the other day 29th March and I am now the grand old age of four years old.

In human years that 28, If I was a human I would've maybe finished university, been overseas, worked in a steady job for a few years, met a lady and started thinking about marriage and having a family. The thought sickens me.

I wouldn't be able to do this:

The little schnoozlers would be in there, trying to steal my chew!

Anyhowl, on my birthday I didn't get any presents (useless mother dearest). I did get some bikkies, tactfully presented to me in one of my toys (one that Team Husky's Mom gave me!!!)

I got it after I had my breakfast before Mum went to work.

At lunchtime, Mum was eating her tea, and I swear I saw some Kittybandits out the window. If I could've pointed out the window, I would've. Mum just thought I was sitting on the couch like this for no reason:
Useless mother!
Anyway, thats all that happened, I got some scratches and stuff but nothing fantastic.
Koda MD
Birthdays over thank dogness!