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The average amount of sleep required is 5 minutes more ~ Unknown

31 March 2010

My newly appointed Associate MD

Good Morning to all GentleDoggies and Kitties

With an abundance of buttwaggling and without further adieu, I present my newly appointed Associate MD - Mr Prince AMD of Team Husky

Prince has demonstrated the finest MD behaviour in all respects over the last few months which has resulted in me investigating my options with regards to the MD role.

Please join me in congratulating Prince on his new role! I very excitingly welcome Prince to the Associate MD position where I feel he will flourish relentlessly and continue to bring new experience, maturity and dedication to the House of MD.

Mr Koda MD

29 March 2010

The barkday boy

Grated cheese face.

28 March 2010

In the SUMMERtime, when the weather is fine...

Good Sunday Gentledoggies and Kitties!!

It has recently been brought to my attention that I have made a ginormous boo boo in my bloggy side thingy. I have missed my dearest fluffball friend off my sidebar! And she is not happy!

"WHAT! Koda, are we not furiends anymore?"

Here is a pretty picture of dear Summer, doesn't she look adorable?

I tried to make it up to her, I asked if she would accompany me on our walk. Its a bit boring on my lonesome.

"Pretty please Summy, can you come with me? Can we share peemails, investigate and share this adventure together?"

I caught up on some news while I waited for her answer...


Catching up on the news again...

Summy catching up on the news...

Both of us, non-patient pups...

A disbanded birdy treasure...

Pup sandwich...

"See Summer, if you were with the crazy white one, you'd be squished in that pancake as well!"

These crazy clowns, "going bush"...

"Trust you Yak to lead your aunty astray!"

Gosh, I'm exhausted just pawing this post today!

AHH yes, by the way its my birthday tomorrow, the grand old figure of 4.

"Its my barkday, I'll eat pie if I want to..."

Good day fellows
Koda MD

26 March 2010

A fun award!

Thanks to my good friends Thunder and Phantom and their little sister Ciara for this happy award!
I have to say 7 beautiful things about myself and pass it onto 7 other bloggers, here goes:
1. I always get comments about how shiny my fur is! Thanks Pups and Kitties, its nothing more than good food and quick blitz with the brush from Ma every so often, ok - hardly ever.
2. Since joining the bloggy world, I have met many beautiful doggy and kitty furiends, accompanied by their humans, contribute to the fun of the bloggy world! I love visiting all your bloggies and keeping in touch!
3. I get plenty of beauty sleep, and enjoy every minute of it!
4. I have more friends than Ma! All of them are wonderful and beautiful (whether it be pretty Huffle or handsome Yak)
5. I do enjoy life a lot, but sometimes when life is dull, all it takes to perk it up a lil bit is dinner and a good scratch
6. I am very forward in my excitement and eagerness to meet new friends, please don't be scared! I may bark but I don't bite!
7. I am passionate about sleddoggery activities and looking forward to the oncoming winter!

I'm going to pass this award onto some of my doggy and kitty friends! I apologise if you already have it or if I miss you! Everyone is awesome, its so hard to pick!!!

Team Husky - Summer, Schnappi, Princey and Yak

Miss Huffle Mawson

Mr Hollow Marvin

Mr Remington

Miss Lorenza

Mr Mango and his Peewee

Mr Zack, Mr Buddy and Miss Sassy

Have fun!!!

Koda MD

24 March 2010

Sidney Crawford on the Catwalk

Good Day Everyone!!

You know how a while ago I accused Ma of being a traitor?... Meet Sidney! He belongs to my Ma's friend and he smells delicious! (from what I could tell from schnoozleing Ma's slippers anyway)

Striking a pose...

Inquisitive head tilt and paw relaxing action...

"REowllly Roowl EoiwLL" (nom nom nom)...

Batter Up, swipey McSwipe...

Paw extensions...
I wonder if I get to meet this fellow?
Koda MD
"On the catwalk (oh yeah) the catwalk, bla bla bla bla bla bla on the catwalk!"

20 March 2010

Summery Schnappi Snakes and Escapes - My MD Excuse

Hey Boys and Girls!!

I just realised that my last update was my 100th post! Wow that went fast! I am so happy to have met all these new friends over the last few months! Thanks guys and girls for making me feel welcome!!

Now, the excuse of why I have not been Blogging McDogging lately...

I'm not sure where to start...

(deep breath)

"Its raining, its pouring, the old man is snoring..."

OK, well on Tuesday Ma got home and she found out that I had gotten out of my yard during the day and met The-Man-Of-The-House at the mailbox when he got home from work. I'm not going to tell her how I got out cos its far too funny watching her try to block all my potential escape routes.

Today she spent 2 hours shovelling compost and grass cuttings from the compost area. She reckons that I might of climbed up on the pile and leapt over the fence into the neighbours back yard. Ha! The enjoyment of it all! Sweat pouring off her while I sauntered around the yard getting my daily sniffs out of the way.

And aparently she is going to make the fence surrounding my Poofields higher so I cannot even think of chasing Kitties over the fence (woops did I say that, I mean... Um, chasing dragons or something). She's acting like its wrong for Me to go on adventures by myself. Pffft! What do you think?

Ahh yeas, now back to Tuesday. We decided to go for a walk with our pals from Team Husky. Me and Ma were driving round to their house and just as we went round the corner a white flash blitzed in front of us. I thought "Oh great, we are going to have a job trying to dodge the strays on our walk, it kinda looks like a husky, OH MY ITS SCHNAPPI!!!!!!!!

We zoomed into our parking spot and saw Team Husky's Ma in a frizzle, the next moment two flashes blinked past us and took off up the road! "Oi Ma! Get your A into G and get after them!"

We zoomed off up the street, hot on the floofy and not-so-floofy tails of Sesuk and Summer. They were going like a million bazillion dogzillion miles an hour!

We caught up with them a few seconds later, they sprinted straight across a busy road and into a carpark. We floored it and me them around the other side of the carpark and Ma jumped out of the car and put on her Growly Voice. All I heard was "Rarrowl RARR Roooowl RAR RarrRRLL"

They stopped in their tracks.

Summer came trotting over and Ma floinked her in the car and tried to get hold of Schnappi. She played games for a bit and then skulked over to Ma and also got plonked in the car with me. "YAY GIRLS! Ma, where are we going to have our adventures now theres the three of us?"

Ma got on her cellbone and let their Ma know they were safe and we drove back to their house to deliver the booty. It was very exciting having my friends join me on a car ride! The girls were very tired and they weren't very excited about it, silly pups!

Their Ma was most relieved, she looked like she was having a heart attack!!!!!!!!!!!! Aparently they had got so revved up waiting for my appearance that they slipped out of their collars! At least we got her girls back safe and sound! Maybe she will tell everypuppy and kitty her side of the story!!!!! I can't wait!

Anyhowl, we finally got going on our walk. I was being a pain in the donkey aparently. Ma suspected I had been out for a while when I got out of the yard as I wasn't as energetic as normal. We trotted along the streets, sniffing and eventually stopped for Number 2s. Schnappi in her usual angst to get moving started playing up and spotted a little dog and his Ma walking on the other side of the road.

Can you guess what happened next?

Well she got out of her harness and flounced straight across the road into the path of a truck to met this little dog.

Don't worry Puppies and Kitties, the truck missed, thank dogness!!

The little dog, not so lucky. Schnappi is nicknamed Schnappi for a reason, she gets the snaps! I don't think she means to be naughty though. The little dog got a terrible fright!

Her Ma still had a hold of Summer and her Bestest Brother PRINCEY. So she couldn't run across and get Schnappi. So Ma whipped off her walking belt and gave me to their Ma to hold while she went and got Naughty Schnappi!

The lady with the little dog had tried to grab hold of her and she had slipped out of her collar, so Ma picked her up to make sure she didn't escape again!!!

The rest of the walk she had to be hooked onto her collar... Poor Girl, huffing and puffing. It was the better option then having a Schnappi Pancake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I made her feel better by being a pain and so Ma hooked me up by the collar too, so we were two peas in a pod.

So its fair to say that Tuesday was an eventful day.

Ma has spent the rest of the week being worried that I will escape again so she hasn't got around to helping me put pictures on the Computah for me to keep you updated on the Life Of Koda.

The camera decided to go flat too. Pffft!

We will be back in action asap!

Mr Koda MD
Rescued and Rescuer

19 March 2010

Hectic MD Schedule

Hi Puppers and Kittehs

My deepest sincerest apologies for not being "on the ball" this week! I have been so busy MDing that I have not had a chance to update my blog or visit my furiends!

Its atrocious behaviour, I know, but these duties were of the utmost importance... I think you will agree when I update you, that these duties had to be done and were for the wellfare of not only myself, but others too...

MD Bloggy Update to come!!

Mr Koda MD

14 March 2010

Alien infiltration

Good Day GentleDoggies and Kitties!!! Hope everypup and kitteh is faring well!

Something interesting happened today. I think aliens have infiltrated by Ma's kamrah machine...

Now you see me...

Then the aliens started working their magic...

And now you don't see me...

Ghost of Koda?

But I'm still alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


12 March 2010

Feeding Time at the Zoo


Its a daily ritual that many do not document given the clockworkness and day to day boringability... I would like to introduce you all to my Zoo, my feeding time, BIKKIES TIME!

"I'm Ready!" (fantastical tongue action!)

"Serve it up you Lazy Buffalo!" (If I had poseable thumbs, I'd do it myself!)

"Closer... closer...closer YIP over here....See that shiny thing? Aim there"

Then its a waiting game, I twiddle my toes, stamp my feet and stuff like that, even whinge sometimes and drool a little bit...

"Nom... nom... nom..."

Replenished and Revitalised!

Koda MD

11 March 2010

Ma, I am not a Noredy Dog!

Hello Friends!

Aparently I have taken it upon myself to be a bit naughty lately... I call it Noredy cos most of the offences involve me having my ears turned off and ignoring the yelling and growling coming out of Ma... What would you do?

I have been Arrested...

1. Going into the rubbish while Ma is out of the room. Evidence pertaining to this offence includes half chewed corn cobs being found in the middle of the lounge, guilty looks and quick getaways from the crime scene

2. Annoying Ma during meal time. Evidence pertaining to this offence includes me refusing the SIT and DOWN while Ma is eating, usually I just look away claiming "I can't hear you Ma, I have my Siberian Ears on you ignorant so-n-so!"

I personally don't think these offences are Arrestment Material!

My sentence involved this horrendous display of affection and stuff:

I hated every minute of it.

Mr Koda MD
Serving Time

10 March 2010


Uh oh Puppies and Kitties, what is this?

Ma said that she has to put this smelly stuff on me today cos I am very itchy at the moment and I don't need to catch fleas as well...

"But it stinks Ma, my friends will tease me!"

Luckily I only have to have it put on a couple of times a year... PHEW.

Speaking of critters and creatures... there is a few making homes on my house! I got Ma to get some shots of a couple of the spideys that have come to live with us (it can't be because they like Ma's cooking!!!! hehehehe)

They make such a mess!!!!!!!

I am glad they are setting up camp outside though, I don't think I could put up with much shrieking and squealing from Ma, she is such a baby and I can't be bothered being interupted from my MD duties to rescue her...
Mr Koda

09 March 2010


Hi Pups and Kitties

Sorry I've been so busy MDing I haven't had a chance to visit many of your blogs or blog about the happenings in my world. I hope everyone is well and goodly!

My MDing work, while being time consuming and labourous, has not been very productive to say the least. It had involved a lot of this:

One thing did happen though, awaking me from my MD slumber. Ma arrived home and I could smell the stench of traitorness on her slippers....

SHE carried the scent of other puppers upon her feetyfeets!

I interrogated her for a while to get the answer out of her - Where had she been? Why wasn't I invited? No answer....

Thats fine, I'll find out... Yes I will! But you know what? I have more important things to be doing than wasting my time worrying about that...

Mr Koda MD

05 March 2010

Feet Friday

Good day gentledoggies and kitties!

Hope you are all faring well, wherever in the world you are!

Finally Friday!! Can't wait to spend the weekend inside, cuddled with Ma! Or maybe we will do something exciting... Whatever floats her boat.

I took it upon myself to give myself a bit of a pawdicure today.

Sitting, paw at the ready...

Quick! Get in there and give it a bit of a nibble before Ma catches me...

MMMMMMMMMM that feels better...

A whole new meaning to "putting your foot in your mouth"...

As I've explained to you, I have many things that irritate my skin. The first thing I do is go for my feet. At the moment they are a bit itchy and red but not bad enough for me to take a course of the evil pills - thank dogness!
My itches have been pretty good lately but worsened due to going to visit Grandma. My kittie sister lives there and her presence doesn't agree with me...
Itching is so tempting...

03 March 2010

Grief and Snoozing

Its another grief-filled day Puppies and Kitties!

Grandmastuffie's short life came to an end...

"Ma, what happened? One minute we were playing along like old friends and then Grandmastuffie exploded in my face and blew fluff into my mouth and I don't know how to make it all better! Whats this? You won't fix Grandmastuffie either? Why?"

We luckily planned to visit Grandma and took it upon myself to advise Grandastuffie's relatives about the tragic events of what had happened, I wanted to comfort them, but Ma wouldn't let me in, so I just gave them my condolences through the window...

I got over it pretty quickly and got ready to rest my dear little head. All this grief can make a dog dog-tired!

"No, this isn't comfy enough..."

"Nom nom nom nom nom"

" Ma, you need to get Grandma to buy a new bed for us to sleep in"

"Ahh now if I can just scuffle backwards into this little cavern, I might find a comfy place to snooze..."


Mr Koda