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28 September 2010

My first weightpull event!

Greetings pals!

So after my first instalment documenting our journey to weightpull on Friday, we had a good weekend.

On Friday night, Ma snuck me into her cabin for about 20 minutes and then she felt so guilty and paranoid that she popped me out again. I had a cosy nights sleep in the car.

We were woken on Saturday morning by the sun streaming in through the trees. Ma shackled me up to the porch outside her room again and I had a chewstick. It was much better than being stuck in the car!

Once Ma got herself sorted, we went for a walk along the river near the camping ground. There was lots to see and do:

The morning started to get very warm! When we got back from our walk, Ma helped set up for the weightpull. I got hooked to a water tap and lazed about in the sun, which I quite enjoyed!

So you wanna see me do my weightpull don't you? Well bad news pals, we didn't get any photos of us doing it! But we will get some asap.
So what happened...
Firstly we had qualifying, this involved just getting a harness on and pulling the empty cart along the 5 metre chute. This was just to show that I could pull the cart and that I wasn't scared of it.
Secondly the cart is loaded with a minimum weight, I think the first weight (including the cart) was around 128kg (around 283 pounds). We all coasted through that very easily!
Thirdly, the weight was increased in increments of around 29kg (63 pounds) and each dog has a turn. Dogs don't have to start at the minimum weight but could start as high as they wanted but could only continue in the competition once they successfully pulled the weight. The dogs have 45 seconds to start their pull and get a second turn if the first turn fails. I liked to scare Ma a little and only pull on my second turn with only seconds to spare! You can also skip up to two weight increases but must pull the third to continue in the competition.
Heres me ready for my turn:
On the first day I did every pull as Ma wasn't sure how much I would pull and thought that if we skipped some, the increase might be too high.
On Saturday my maximum pull was 421.2kg (928 pounds)!!!!! This was fantastic for my first time! I am currently 25.8 kgs (56 pounds) and my result was:
6th in my class (dogs under 27kg/60 pounds)
10th overall for highest weight pulled
Body weight ratio of 16.33 (I pulled 16.33 times by bodyweight!)
9th overall for body to weight ratio pulled
We also got a box of lovely Maranui natural pet meat as a prize for best effort from a first timer!!!
On Sunday I didn't feel like doing much as I had tried so hard on the Saturday, my maximum pull was 187.6kg (413 pounds). A lot of the doggies didn't do as well cos it was very hot and they had tried so hard the day before. My result was:
9th in my class
15th overall for weight pulled
Body weight ratio of 7.27
15th overall for body to weight ratio pulled.
We got a prize of dog treats for the furtherest travel to the event!
Here are some pictures of some of the other doggies weightpulling:

Max the Basenji, he was 12.9kgs (28 pounds and half my body weight!) and he pulled over 500kgs (1102 pounds!) for his personal best:
Meisha the Samoyed:

Nemo the New Zealand Huntaway:

Polly - I think she is a heading dog or a pointer! She was such a wee toughie, she pulled over 700kgs (1543 pounds) and she is only 20.4kgs (45 pounds):

Elmo the Alaskan Malamute, he pulled over 1000kgs (2204 pounds!!!) on Saturday and he was very well trained:

Lutek the Siberian Husky - he was very keen and bouncy:

Monty the Labrador Retriever:

Indie the Siberian Husky:

We had a fantastical weekend and will do it again next year! I will try and get some pictures of me performing to show you in the fullness of time.
Koda MD
Enjoying the sun


Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

In my mind I khan see woo pulling LOTS of stuff!

Thanks fur sharing the pikhs woo did have!

That is a furry hunky Malamute! I like his fluffy tail!


Martha and Bailey said...

What great pics of hard working dogs!
We have never tried that although we do have to pull our humans up hills...........does that count?
Like Khyra we will imagine you pulling!
Martha and Bailey xx

Dakota and Georgia said...

Congratulations on such a successful weekend! Georgia is very impressed and wants to have a go when she is old enough. Dakota tried it once, but she very clearly said it wasn't her thing. And we can't believe how many of those pupperoos we know--including that naughty noisy Meisha.


The Life of Riley said...

What a great first weekend for you Koda. Congratulations on entering the event, educating me about it, and for your first results. I'm impressed by how you did (as I can't even pull my mum over on our walks anymore - I only achieved that once as a puppy, before she started using her voice activated controls on me and I lost my super powers) but I'm guessing you have heaps of fun finding out how strong you really are!


♥♥♥♥Team Husky♥♥♥♥ said...

Hi Koda, it's me Summer!

Your Mom took some pretty good photos, must be the new camera!!! We think she still has a lot to learn though - I mean do woo really want her shadow in your header photo???

Looks like woo had a fun weekend, I wish I could have come too!!! Mom said I might get to try weightpull sometime!!!


KB said...

Wow, those are some tremendous weights. You did great for your first time! Elmo pulled almost a ton! Oh my goodness - that's amazing!

Way to go Koda!