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02 August 2010

Photographer wanted, asap! Oh... and some advice required.

Happy Monday pups and kits...

Have you noticed that all the recent posts are about Mums adventures, severely lacking a pupper presence and look so incredulously boring and yawnworthy?

I have!
But to be quite honest, the last few days I have been doing a lot of this:

Not that enjoying a nap in the rarely seen wintry snowpuddles is a bad thing. Its just not something to write home about... or paw on my blog if y'all (woops, cowboy moment) know what I mean.

Anyway, the title of my post today indicates that perhaps I am not happy with my current photographer. You are right.

My photographer, my Mother Dearest, the bearer of food and cuddles, is for lack of suitable vocabulary - Useless! I am on the market for an upgrade, yes sir-ee!

I mean for dogs sake, we had a really fun relay event on Sunday... and did she take the kamrah? No she did not. Did she attempt to get anyone else to use their kamrah to capture our performance? No she did not.

By the way, we got first in our relay! Me and Mother Useless teamed up with our and Team Husky's non-fur friend Haakon and Grumpy Fen and Dearest Snowflake (Qannik - brother of Mr Yak) who were and still are of the furry variety. Tho with Mr Fen, I would not call us friends. No, no not at all. Snowflake? Well he's a pushover, and hes Mr Yaks brother so he is in my excellent books!

The relay was a run, bike, harder bike, scooter. We made Haakon do the run cos Mum is lazy and a pathetic runner. Haakon and Grumpy Fen did the run first, we did both the bike stages. Mum had issues getting her bibs sorted and she nearly killed me twice - once by scaring me with a stick in the bike wheel, and another by running me over at the finish line. The finish line means stop, right? WRONG! I got rammed right up the butt-tocks (Forrest Gump moment there). Mum just about died also - from unfitness. But red-faced (Mum) and slobber covered (Me), we finished ok and let Haakon and Snowflake race in the big finale Scooter! Very cool!

And of course, noting the heading of this post - No photos! Perhaps I will have to interrogate some bystanders to source some pictures for you.

AND of course, I got to see my loverly fluffball furiends Dakota & Georgia, boy oh boy is Georgia HUGE!!! And soft and fluffy.... I think I'm developing one of those...what do you call it? Krusher? No thats one of those milky things you get from KFC... I'm thinking of a Paramore song.... hmmmmmmm ah thats it! Crush! Crush! Crush!

I feel like a nervous teenage boy... She is so gorgeous! But I am a shy boy...

Have any of you wise bloggy doggies, kitties and peoples got any advice for me? (fur me?). I am twittling in my boots!

Mr Koda


Mango said...

This is very serious. Humans are supposed to have the flashy beast with them AT ALL TIMES! I am getting better with my training of momma on this topic, but she can be stubborn, especially in the warm weather when she has fewer pockets. SHeesh. LAZY.


KB said...

I can understand your disappointment in the momster. Perhaps you could have the camera surgically attached to her forehead? Then, it could capture your every motion!

Send a basket of fillet mignons to Georgia. She'll swoon over you after that gift!

Bobby said...


♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

We think it might be a day for celebration if our human forgot the flashy beast, but we understand your dilemma, Koda. We do miss seeing your handsomeness in photos. Ummm, nice header pic you have there:)

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Dakota and Georgia said...

Georgia here. I'm still a puppy, so I am not sure if I am LEGAL yet given our age difference. I don't have a boyfriend yet. In fact, the only other boy I know is Wolf, and he only has eyes for Dakota. Although I have never had fillet mignon, it sounds good, so I am open to bribes (ooops, gifts) to get a relationship going!

Shy hugs

PS Dakota took her "kamrah", so if she can get off her fluffy fat huskador bottom, she'll put up a blog.

JackDaddy said...

Sometimes it's important just to put down the camera and take pictures with your memory! :)

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Doesn't your khountry have a law against that?

NOT TO MENTION, we are being deprived of seeing said FUN!

As fur your taste in girrrrrrrls, most excellent!

PeeEssWoo: Nice blog layout/etc!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Koda!
Sure you have a big problem!
No pictures of that great time?? Hmmm... I guess you need a plan to improve that!
Good luck with the girls!
Kisses and hugs

dewdana said...

Well that definitely SOUNDS like a very fun day! Except for almost getting kilt!
Moose's advice for impressing the ladies... Take you best stuffy over to her and right when she is looking at you, just go completely medieval on it. This is his smoothest move and he wants you to use it in good health. Of course if you can present her with the excised (but unpunctured) squeaker and let her pop it she will totally melt like butter!

The Life of Riley said...

Hi Koda,

I find it very hard to get good staff these days too to document my every move. My mum either goes crazy (like in my post "the Papparazi are after me") or she forgets to take her camera and misses my best moments. I'm trying to train her to always carry her camera but so far it isn't working, so lots of our great times together now only exist in our minds.


Keisha said...

Maybe your Mom wants to paint a portrait of u? Just thinkin. :)