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30 August 2010


Good evening again pals!

I am so glad to be back tonight, Ma is far too slack and lazy to be one of those Post-A-Day kind of people, which is a right shame cos I can't visit everyone every day either. Its a little hard to type with uncooperative paws and a wagging bottom which refuses to sit still.

I have had some adventures tho this last week. Ma got off her voluptuous behind and we had a busy start to the week.

Monday we went mountainbiking and I got to have fun off lead with my friend Ali

Tuesday we had the adventure that I wish to visually document to you in this post

Wednesday we went biking along our flood banks, wowsers it was so fun!!!!

Thursday we were lazy

Friday we were also lazy

Saturday we were lazy. Ok so the whole week wasn't as busy as I first thought.

Sunday I did some fantastic weight pull training and went for a walk!

So anyway, back to our scheduled adventurepost today... On Tuesday we drove out to our sled dog area and I got dragged out into the cold air. Ma put my clothes on and I looked at the car....

Ma had loaded up the scooter, in my haste to get out of the house for the evening I had not noticed this particular detail.

We had a lovely scootery run type activity and got to also go for a walk afterwards for the pawrents to stretch their legaroos.

Hang on a minute... Whos over there?

I spotted these lunatics:
T'was Mr Beej and The Crazy Olde Nutbag/Schnappi of Team Husky!!!!!!! BJ snuck a giggle at my name calling of his Aunty Suki... She of course remained oblivious with the cogs ticking frantically in her semi-frazzled noggin.
Thought we should pose for a group shot, but nopuppy wanted to play (paint)ball. There is not much happening in this shot:

I love catching up with my furiends! I look so little compared to the fluffballs I frequently befriend. As I mentioned before I also love catching up with my bloggydogs and kitty friends! I was surprised to see on my dashboard today I have two more followers, I am now up to a grand total of 42!
Thanks pals!
I would also like to broadcast some SPCA news. Today is the SPCA Cupcake Day. People bake cupcakes and sell them with all proceeds being donated to their local SPCA! Ma didn't get out of the office today but I'm pretty sure the SPCA are sure happy that so many people baked delicious tasties to help the puppies/kitties/dogs/cats to a better life.
Our local SPCA are fundraising to build a new shelter because their facilities aren't suitable for the amount of animals that are needing care. I will make Ma make a donation on our behalf since we missed out on cupcakes... to be honest Ma didn't need any expansions to her waistline anyway, its hard enough lugging her round as it is!
The SPCA also had an adoption run in the town centre. Ma said she couldn't go near town that day as she would of been too tempted.... Ma, dear, maybe I want you to be tempted!
Hoping the Mondayitis will wane asap.

27 August 2010

The finished product

Good afternoon ladies and gentledoggies (and kitties and so on and so forth)

Here I am revealing the perfected, framed and presented coloured pencil ME:

Ma is so thankful for dearest Jewel from for being so talented! The only problem is finding a place to put it amongst the other frames of me, me and Ma racing, our family and the MOTH's laminated Watchmen posters....

Clapping paws for Jewel... remember puppies and kitties, get your pawrents plastic and order one for them too!

21 August 2010

Weight pull

Hi pals!

I've started trying to train for the weight pull event I am going to try and compete in at the end of September. My first training session I had to use my normal x-back cos I don't have a special weight pull harness. This is how it went...

Waiting patiently...

Thinking that pulling three log stumps on a rig is going to be a piece of cake...

Turns out its not a piece of cake...

Constipated Face...

Once I'm going its very very easy! You will notice that theres another line coming from the rig, the silly humans thought I might like a helping hand to get started. PHEW...

I went all the way round the field! I was so relieved to finally understand how to do it. The problem is I'm used to Ma scooting off when I'm pulling so I don't usually have to pull dead weight! I did get used to doing it myself eventually, so once I started doing well, we finished up...

Ma had a biscuit!
I have now borrowed a proper weight pull harness from another person in our sled dog club so that I can practice properly, and guess what colour it is! Its Black and Fluoro Orange!!!!!!!!!!! Orange is my colour. That has to be a good omen.
I will update you on how I go with my practising.
Happy Saturday!

18 August 2010

Mother Dearest hurt me with the Furminator!

Good evening pups and kitties!

We were lucky enough to finally get a Furminator! Its great for getting my slippery furs out. BUT! last year I had a skin infection on my tail and had to get some fur cut away for it to heal. The fur never grew back properly - instead coming in course & salt and peppery. And when Mum was very gently Furminating my tail, some of this fur ripped out and caused me to bleed!

Mum had to cut way more fur and clean it up so it didn't get infected.

It looks ok now, but it still is a bit warm so we will keep it treated for the next few days.

I got a new bag of bikkies the other day too, fresh biscuits are soo much better than the old scrungy ones in the bottom of my bin, the aroma was unavoidably delicious.

I eventually got some... patience is a virtue.

AND! I got a new lead too, it is green and purple (again the photo shows blue). If you hadn't guessed, Ma enjoys her colours and thinks that everything should be weird and rainbowy. Hence this doesn't match my lime and purple collar...

I am still in orange for now, but I'm kind glad I can avoid a purple overload for now due to Mums laziness.
Happy trails

16 August 2010

Why is being a black Labrador Retriever so great?

Hello Pals

I have entered Dexter's black Labradog contest because A) I want to, and B) I am a black Labradog! So YAY! I qualify! Of course I am not going to reveal my entry to the contest because it is up to you smart folk to work out who is who! But I have documented here some reasons why I think being a black Labradog is Great!

Reason number one: Black labradors look supercool and mysterious with minimal effort.

Reason number two: Black labradors don't do this... but my friend Yak does, very thoroughly. Mum tells me that Black fur is much more practical that brown or blonde! She said to me she has more Black clothes than golden (expensive!) or chocolate (yummy!) clothes.

Reason number three: Black labradors can blend into their surroundings with ease, resulting in uninterrupted naptime.

Reason number four: Black labradors have enough "squish" to be able to squeeze into any small space where naptime can be completed with ease if there is no invisibility cape or mat available.

Reason number five: Black labradors have the brightest pearly whites! Shining like little stars against their ebony furs.

Reason number six: Black labradogs show their wisefurs prematurely given that the lil greys stick out like a load of sore thumbs against the blackness of night... makes 'em look distinguished!

Reason number seven: Who could resist this face?

Looking forward to the contest!!!!
Mr Koda

14 August 2010

Not yet destuffed

I have a feeling that I am a failure to the Labrador Retriever. Fancy leaving a stuffie stuffed! This fellow has lasted 2 months now. Record for me, and probably going to remain by longest stuffed stuffie of all time.

Koda "Stuffie" MD

12 August 2010

Our trails

Hello pals

We went for a walk at our sled dog club area.

The loggers have moved in on our sleddoggery trails and are ripping through there with their big machines.

They are doing lots of damage:

This trail used to be our main highway, it is now a mud bath:

We continued on our walk. I had a lot of peemails to attend to instead of milling around reminiscing about our lovely trails.

Coming up to Princey's hill...

Climbing Princey's hill...

Saying "g'day" to Mr Princey...

Eating salad for Princey...

While returning to the car we spotted pawprints and scooter prints in the mud! I am rearing to go!

I am attending a weight pull event in September which I am currently doing a little bit of training for. I am extremely good and waiting with my line held tight, but not so good at getting the pull started because it feels like Mother Dearest has the brakes on cos she usually scoots off for me, however after a little practice on Sunday (we used a rig loaded with log stumps) I was getting used to it. Pulling the actual weight is easy once I decide to try. I will get some photos from Yaks Mom to show everyone!

Mr Koda

10 August 2010


Good evening

You know the other day when we had our event that Mother Dearest failed to document on the kamrah? Well we had to hold it at a different place than usual because there was this paintball event thing on and they had spent 57948765967958765 dollars to set it up and blah blah blah.

So I arrived at our sleddoggery base last tuesday evening, ready to go walking with my pals and this is what I found...

Snow? Wrong! Hail? Wrong! You didn't read the title of my post if you guessed that!

Being the gluttonous self that I am, I had to taste test...

The white ones have pink paint and the green ones have green paint. They reckon 60 boxes of 2000 paintballs were emptied on our field.

I ate some, of course, and had to rush out to the loo about 2am to relinquish my hold on said Paintball Delights. The paint is non-toxic and aparently after a few days, the paintballs break down and desintegrate.

Mother Dearests kamrah is too rubbish to get a good field view, but on Sunday, the Paintball Paradise was still out in bloom!

Here is a daytime shot of the Paintball Pudding Paradise:

Note Mother Dearests gawky shadow effects. And a close up of the deliciousness:

The paintballs had started to break down but we haven't had enough rain for them to disappear. Most of the pink ones had started to change to a clear white liquid (cos Mother Dearest in her grownupness was jumping around the field popping the paintballs all over herself).

They tasked slightly better on Sunday and because they were runnier, I could eat the paint and spit the shell back out. More efficient you see.

I hope they disappear soon, I'm sick of rushing to the loo!

By the way... calling all Black Labradogs for Dexter's competition, I am busy preparing my entry and post now!
Mr Koda MD

06 August 2010

Puppy Koda

Happy Friday pals!

Mango's Momma shared some puppy pics of Mr Mango & Mr Dexter and encouraged others to do the same!

These photos were taken in May & June 2006 when Mother Dearest got her first digital kamrah machine. I slept inside on Mummys bed because I was too scared to sleep on my own. I was outside while Mummy was at work and thats why I pawed at the windows, cos her bed was much more comfortable than the stinky little kennelhouse I got to sleep in. I was quite a cheeky puppy and Mother Dearest sometimes says she wouldn't like to have another me from a puppy again, on the upside, I am now very good and Mummy has learnt all the tricks to bring up a destructive, bitey labradorable puppy.
If you have not heard my tailtale before, I injured my tail trying to climb on my Aunty Kylies lap while she sat on the edge of the bed. I fell backwards and something snapped. It was floppy for a few days and the vet said there wasn't anything they could do. It righted itself over the week but it still has a kink in it and I have re-injured it one other time, but it seems to stay together alright.

I am also pictured here with my favourite humpable friend - Humpybear.
I have tried to upload a video - if it works - beware it may be frightening for younger viewers.

Happy weekend everyone!

Mr Koda

02 August 2010

Photographer wanted, asap! Oh... and some advice required.

Happy Monday pups and kits...

Have you noticed that all the recent posts are about Mums adventures, severely lacking a pupper presence and look so incredulously boring and yawnworthy?

I have!
But to be quite honest, the last few days I have been doing a lot of this:

Not that enjoying a nap in the rarely seen wintry snowpuddles is a bad thing. Its just not something to write home about... or paw on my blog if y'all (woops, cowboy moment) know what I mean.

Anyway, the title of my post today indicates that perhaps I am not happy with my current photographer. You are right.

My photographer, my Mother Dearest, the bearer of food and cuddles, is for lack of suitable vocabulary - Useless! I am on the market for an upgrade, yes sir-ee!

I mean for dogs sake, we had a really fun relay event on Sunday... and did she take the kamrah? No she did not. Did she attempt to get anyone else to use their kamrah to capture our performance? No she did not.

By the way, we got first in our relay! Me and Mother Useless teamed up with our and Team Husky's non-fur friend Haakon and Grumpy Fen and Dearest Snowflake (Qannik - brother of Mr Yak) who were and still are of the furry variety. Tho with Mr Fen, I would not call us friends. No, no not at all. Snowflake? Well he's a pushover, and hes Mr Yaks brother so he is in my excellent books!

The relay was a run, bike, harder bike, scooter. We made Haakon do the run cos Mum is lazy and a pathetic runner. Haakon and Grumpy Fen did the run first, we did both the bike stages. Mum had issues getting her bibs sorted and she nearly killed me twice - once by scaring me with a stick in the bike wheel, and another by running me over at the finish line. The finish line means stop, right? WRONG! I got rammed right up the butt-tocks (Forrest Gump moment there). Mum just about died also - from unfitness. But red-faced (Mum) and slobber covered (Me), we finished ok and let Haakon and Snowflake race in the big finale Scooter! Very cool!

And of course, noting the heading of this post - No photos! Perhaps I will have to interrogate some bystanders to source some pictures for you.

AND of course, I got to see my loverly fluffball furiends Dakota & Georgia, boy oh boy is Georgia HUGE!!! And soft and fluffy.... I think I'm developing one of those...what do you call it? Krusher? No thats one of those milky things you get from KFC... I'm thinking of a Paramore song.... hmmmmmmm ah thats it! Crush! Crush! Crush!

I feel like a nervous teenage boy... She is so gorgeous! But I am a shy boy...

Have any of you wise bloggy doggies, kitties and peoples got any advice for me? (fur me?). I am twittling in my boots!

Mr Koda