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22 February 2010

Perplexion, aliens, trauma, furiends and Happy Birthdays!

Hi Puppies and Kitties!!

I'm waiting on Ma to open the door so we can go for our adventure...

After AAAAAAGES in the car (maybe 15 minutes, tops) we arrived at our location. I suited myself up and waited, waited and waited some more... "Come on Ma, Hurry UP!"

I had a fantastical walk with my furiends!! Lots of sniffs and delicious things to eat! I had some salad and also found a bone!! This was very unlike me! I don't usually care for things that have been dead a while but this one was just tooo tempting. Ma was useless as usual and didn't bring the kamrah along on the walk. PFFFT!

Once we got back to the cars we all looked pretty for the kamrah machine...

Can you spot the odd one out? Surely not...

Then Ma's kamrah machine started playing games on her and we all went a bit blue...

And my schnoz disappeared? Maybe it was taken briefly by aliens...?????????????
Then it was all ok, nose returned and kamrah machine operating smoothly again, I might have fixed it, I'm an MD so its just part of my duties.
Looking distinguished with muzzle addition...

It may or may not be a stray piece of grassy stuff... Fashionable methinks?
I wished these lads a Happy Birthday for Friday...!! Hope you had a lovely birthday Mr Moose and Mr Yakky! Mr Qannik was there too, but not in this picture - Happy Birthday too Mr Qannik!

And made sure that Mr Princey's 'bits' were intact... Mr Koda MD - Inspectoring.
I got attached to the Team Husky trailer and I DID NOT ENJOY IT! Some say I may be a little tinsy bit attached to my Ma and I don't like being separated even though she was standing about 2 metres away from me... Sometimes if I go walking with someone else or another of my furiends, I realise I'm not dragging my Ma along and decide that I will not take a step further and I dig in my heels and sometime I even collapse on the ground and get dragged a little bit. But Ma is my Ma and I want to walk with her and nobody else! I call it devotion or something, I'm not sure...

Perplexed Mr Koda... worried that my Ma will leave without me!

Joyous Mr Koda... Glad that Ma hasn't forgotten about me!
Happy Mr Koda!
Ma took some videos of my rescue from the scary trailer but they are a lil big to load on the blog... aparently I made a "scene" with a "striking performance". Surely not! Not me... Mr Koda MD!
At home with Ma!


Sam said...

Hanging out with your sledding crowd, huh? Looks like a great day!

JackDaddy said...

What a great bunch of puppies! I'm glad everyone had a good time!!

You look cool with your chewing straw :)

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I khould hardly pikhk out the one that was difFURent at furst!

But then then alien eyes gave it away!


dewdana said...

You fit in beautifully! Moose likes to carry grass on his beak too! However, you really are a Momma's boy compared to Moose. Moose will walk anywhere with anyone and as long as he is on the move I don't think he cares or even notices if I am there or not!

The OP Pack said...

So which ONE was different from the others - great furiends always blend so well together:)

Woos, Phantom, Thunder,and Ciara

The Thundering Herd said...

We think you hang out with some very good looking friends. But we might be biased.

Lorenza said...

Someone different there?? Naah!
Glad you had a great time with your friends!
Kisses and hugs