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02 February 2010


Greetings Puppies and Kitties!

I've been having a pretty low key time lately. A bit of R & R and all that especially as its about five million degrees outside. Far too hot for Mr Koda MD to be applying his mind to any task.

Ma filled up my pool but because its so hot the water warms up too fast. Today I even got ice cubes in my water, YUM!

Ahh finally cool enough to bathe my boiling paws...

Oh... what was I going to yap about today? AHH yes... Nicknames! Best get out of the pool first I suppose.


Like many of you I have numerous nicknames. Some are better than others, thought I would share some with you...

Mr Koda & Mr Dog & Mr Pupperdog - these are relative to my important standing within the household I suppose. And the fact I'm a MD.

Kodapants & Kodabum & Wigglepants & Wigglebum - these relate to my boisterous rear end, when I'm excited it wiggles everywhere.

Kodabud & Kodapupper & Puppydog - EW These make me cringe... I think its the annoying voice Ma uses when she call me these names.

Theres more but I must of had my Siberian Ears on when Ma has used them. Can't remember a thing...

Hope you are all enjoying life!!

And thanks to all my friends for continuing to visit my blog!!

Mr Koda


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

The Siberian Ears exkhuse works evFURRYtime!


The OP Pack said...

SiberEars come in very handy at times, Koda = make good use of them. We sort of like Wigglepants:)

Woos, Phantom and Thunder

Team Husky said...

Koda Koda, can I please come play in yur pool?

Woo Woos

Lorenza said...

Sure you have lots of nicknames!
Kisses and hugs