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09 January 2010


Friends... I think I'm falling apart at the seams...

As I paw this, my skin is itching, my ears are on fire and I feel the need to "scoot". Why me?
Aparently they are allergies and unless all the irritants and allergens are banished, I will be forever itchy... NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
So far, Ma says I "might" be allergic or irritated by any of these things:
Freshly cut grass
Certain plants/trees/weeds
Poultry (My food is made from salmon thank dogness!)
Changes in environment eh home, beach, forest
Cats (Sorry Kitties!!!!!!!!!)
Perfumes eg Carpet freshener/room deodoriser/etc
Certain ingredients in food and treats - WHAT?
Most of these are noticeable, like when we go to Grandmas, she has a kittie and I itch like crazy. But it could just be the change in environment. But some are just guesses also. Winter seems to be ok, I don't get too many itches when its cold. Maybe I need to move to somewhere snowy and cold all year round...
When I get my itchies really bad I have to have a small course of prednisone (BLAUGH) and I am a good pup and slurp the little pillypills into my tummy.
And then usually my ears become a nasty mess (due to skin infection in my ears) and I have to have them washed out and treated for a few days. Its horrible. I am a little scared of the big scary ear wash bottle, it makes me cower away and no amount of coaxing will get me to lie down to have it squirted in my eary ears and smooshed around. EW!
It makes it a bit confusing also cos I scratch when I am anxious, irritable or excited too so sometimes its just that and not any irritation at all! Its good to trick Ma sometimes!
I wonder if any of you puppies and kitties can suggest anything my Ma can try to relieve my itching?
Scratchy scratchy scratch
Sorry puppies and kitties, it wouldn't publish the spaces between my paragraphs, must be the fat paws...


Huffle Mawson said...

I can't help you Mr Koda but I will ask my friend Indy who suffers from a lot of allergies if he and his mum can give you some suggestions.

The Thundering Herd said...

Woo - we can't help you, but we feel sorry for you. Ugh - itchies.

Indy said...

Hi Koda,
I'm sorry you're so itchy! I have food allergies which caused me to have itchy skin and tummy problems before they were diganosed, so my mom has done a lot of research on this. We don't know what you have tried already, but here is what she suggests:
1 - If you go to, you can select K9 Nutrition and search using the terms "itcy", "itchy skin", etc. and see what results come up. The lady who leads the group, Lew Olsen, has a PhD in small animal nutrition and is extremely knowledgeable and helpful.
2 - if you haven't dont this yet, have your vet perform scraping and
cultures on the affected areas to look for bacteria,mites or yeast.
3 - eliminate all treats and tabel scraps (I know, this part sucks!) and try switching to a grain-free kibble. Many dogs are allergic or intolerant of grains such as corn, rice and soy.
4 - if nothing else works, the best, most reliable allergy testing is by Veterinary Allergy Reference Labs. If the vet suspects food allergies, you do NOT have to settle for the "elimination diet", which is a lot of guesswork and can take quite a long time. VARL can test for food allergies and their results are spot-on, no false positives. This test showed my people what I am allergic to (eggs, milk, soy, corn, rice, lamb, pork and fish). Ever since they switched me to a homemade raw diet and eliminated all of those foods from my diet, I've been doing GREAT! VARL's web site is They can test for food and environmental allergies. Their test does not have false positives, unlike the old elysa and RAST methodds of testing for skin allergies.

I hope all of this is helpful! You can even search on onibasu by "ear infections", there is so much excellent information there. Many regular (non-holistic) vets treat allergies with antihistamines and steroids instead of looking for the cause of the allergic reaction. That's why mom switched me to a holistic vet, because she suspected that I had problems with certain foods and did not want to keep me on Prednisone long term starting at age 4 since long term use of Prednisone can have serious side effects.

You can also join the K9 Nutrition Yahoo Group:

I hope this is helpful and that you start to feel better soon!

Indy and his humans

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

My pal Indy to the reskhue fur woo!

Paws khrossed ALL of WOO find relief!


JackDaddy said...

Indy left some good information for everybody!!

I hope you feel better very very soon!

dewdana said...

Us labs and the allergy troubles, huh?! I am so lucky (knock wood) that moose does not have these problems but our black lab Pal Darwin suffers like you and his dad switched him to grain free kibble (wellness core ocean specifically) and he is much better. Indy's tips are incredibly thorough but in case it is not mentioned in one of the sites you visit, Beet Pulp is thought to cause skin allergies and related ear troubles in some dogs and is a common ingredient in dog kibble (including what our Pal Darwin used to eat). I have also heard Kefir added to the diet can help and is probably mentioned in one of Indy's links.

The OP Pack said...


yikes, that is a lot of stuff to be allergic to. We hope that you will be helped by some of the suggestions from Indy's mom.

Woos, Phantom and Thunder

Ms. ~K said...

Indy shared great advice...sending healing thoughts your way!
Licks and sniffs,
Zack, Sassy and Buddy

Lorenza said...

Hi, Mr Koda!
I am so sorry to know you have the itches!
Sure Indy gave you good info!
I hope you find a solution soon!
Kisses and hugs