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28 January 2010

Blingtastical Adventures

Good Evening Gentledoggies and Kitties!!!!

Its been so warm where I live, between 20 and 26 degrees celcius... black fur in this weather is not ideal...

So recently we have been on many an adventure to the rural waters within a half hour drive from home.

On Monday me and Ma decided it was time to pay a visit to our dear little friend Bling and his Ma Jane - Combined with a trip to the river, perfection!

Heres the little guy now! Hasn't he grown into his ears marvelously!

At the moment, his Aunty Lou is staying with him as her Ma and Pa are in Australia. Isn't she a dreamboat? Shes so little and dainty, it makes me feel like a gigantic monster. A tough, raw specimen of man, or something... Do you think I have a chance with her? I don't think a long distance relationship will work, she goes home soon so I wont see her for aaages. Maybe just pawpals for now... see where it goes and all that.

Forget about Bling... heres some pictures of us Labradors having fun!!

Ok, I suppose the little guy deserves some airtime...

And heres the three of us!

We had such a good time!!! I wasn't allowed off the extendy lead very much as the river was fast flowing out deep and Ma didn't want me to get swept away, shes so overprotective!!! ARRRGH!

Nevermind, I'm sure its for my own good and everything.

I hope everyone else is enjoying the warm/cold/tropics/arctic weather wherever you are!

Your Pal

26 January 2010

Bits, Bikkies, Brushing, Bushes


Look, my Ma is a crazy person. Why does she have so much doggy stuff? I can only wear/use/be attached to so much at once! And this doesn't include my scooter!


I'll just hover around the food bin... Food is the best thing she buys... MMMMMMMMM Nom nom nom.

OO Look! They appeared! I am magic afterall...

Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom...

At the moment I am moulting. It makes what Ma calls "tumbleweeds" of fur all over the carpet. That combined with the carpet fluff means that vacuuming is not an easy job. To be honest I'd prefer if she didn't use that noisy thing at all!

So in Summertime, I need to get brushed outside to get rid of some of the annoying furs that seem to continue to disown me...

I like to try and get away as soon as I see the brushes come out... Create a diversion and grab a toy or something.

Oh Blast! Should I grab the toy, or should I run?

Not sure, too slow at making a decision I am tackled and bound (bit of an exaggeration) and put through this horrible degrading experience...

OH wow that feels AMAZING... OHHHH...MMMMM...GOSH!

As you can see from the picture, I don't like to stand still, I like to bend and weave and enjoy the moment!

Oh... Is that it? Sniffing the fur on the comb...

Here is the total yeild... I believe this will look pitiful against a furminated Siberian Furmonster, but its the best I can do.

On another topic altogether, I - Mr Koda "Greenfingers" MD - was out sightseeing in the poofields and spotted this lovely bloom sprouting beside the driveway.
I'm amazed this spindly looking thing can support such a ray of sunlight!
Thats all for now... I have another adventure to share with you, which I'll do tomorrow, this pawing on the komputah is hard work!
Mr Koda MD
Adding "gardening" to my MD Talents and Hobbies

23 January 2010

Backyard Introductions


Welcome to my backyard - some of you would have seen the lay of my land in my post on Numbers 2s... Lets take a walk:

Here is my waterbowl. I like to take a large drink from here then walk inside, dripping water all over the lino in the kitchen

Here is my diggery spot. The little spade is for my poo pickup. I don't touch it. Ew

Oh! Hello. Heres Me

Here is my poofield. This is where I like to do my Number 2s

Do you like my blanket? I got it from my Mas Grandad, he had good taste in doggies I must say. Ma washed them today and hung them out to dry. I got a new one too the other day taking me up to a grand total of about 6. Aparently I like to nibble holes in them. I deny this fact

And here is my gate. The entry and exit to the outside world. Not very serious is it! Its make from a wood frame and gardening mesh. It was only meant to be there temporarily but has stayed there for about 2 years now. Sigh! It will have to do

Pfft! Go away Ma! I'm hiding
Mr Koda MD
Napping after presenting an uninformative virtual fieldtrip to my backyard and poofield
PS I'd like to see all your poofields and backyard introductions too...

My new bud, Bud!


I'd like to introduce you to my new bud, Bud! Hes a happy doggie!!

Here he is, posing on his Dads truck! He is a Labrador too, but he is much more meaty than I am. And hes younger then me too!

I sniffed around his yard... And he was wanting me to play play play.

But I thought I'd be Mr Mature instead.

Mr Koda
Mature as they come

22 January 2010

New things for me!


Got presents in the mail from the great people at Windchill in Australia

Here is my collection of goodies from Windchill - some I got a while ago and some are brand new!!!

Left to Right:
My lime colour to replace my orange one I have now when it gets old and cruddy
My jade and hot pink fold up waterbowl
My purple poo bag holder or toy pouch (it looks blue in the picture)
My burgundy and silver splitter so I can take a pal walking with me
My green neckline for sleddy season if I go with a furiend!
My lime and red lead
My blue and purple lead

Can you tell my Ma likes colours!!!!!

I also got a gift for my pal Princey and his family... he might share it with you sometime...

Koda MD
Hoping to go for a walk sometime... its been days!

21 January 2010

Adventures of Koda, Super Pooper Scooper!

Good afternoon Happydoggies and Kitties

I'm hot!

Its like 20 something degrees celcius here. Far too warm for me! Whose idea was it to give me black fur? Whoever they are, they are idiots...!!!

On Tuesday evening my Ma and I were sweltering and we went on an adventure to a nearby river. It was a 20 minute drive away from home and accessed through some farmland (whats that?) to a little secret swimming spot. I wasn't sure what I was in for, agreeing to go along...

Do you know what these feety feet prints are from...?

I'm glad I went... Mr Koda MD hard at work again!

Do you know what this is? Its the most delectable thing known to Dog... And second only to cat poo...Sorry Huffle! Cow Poos!!! YUMO.

Looks like the birds like it too... see the little birdy feety feet prints in the sand.

I feasted on it for quite some time...

Then it repeated on me...

When we arrived at this special little spot, we were greeted by two bulls grazing beside the river, I was so excited, I wanted to go and play with them because they looked like fun, but we had to wait until they loped off into the field yonder. No fun MA!

Heres a picture of their girlfriends which no doubt were expecting them home a long time ago...

What did we come here for? Oh yeah! The River!!!!

I didn't know if I wanted to go in the water, I was having too much fun searching for poo...

I made a bit of an effort, I tell you, it was a real struggle to draw myself away from such appetising adventures and snifferings.

When the sun was beginning to set, it was time to go home.
Ma blamed me for the poo smell in the car on the way home... but HA! it was a bit of poo on her leg... don't know how it got there!! Not from me... I hope... Maybe it was... I will never own up to it anyway... poo!
Mr Koda MD
Dog Tired and still want to play with the moo cows...

16 January 2010

How to host a murder...

Good Evening Gentledoggies and Kitties!

I had a special guest at home today and of course I was a fantastical host!!

Guess who?


I had to sit by and watch him devour ALL my toys bringing them within an inch of their life with those pearly whites, Its not their physical state I was worried about, but their mental state. The toys like me and are used to my bite... They aren't used to this...

I watched in dismay...

There was only one casualty today... It may or may not have happened due to the constant squeakaroonying from a certain Silver Siberian Husky, with a certain Dark Furred Labrador Retriever getting annoyed and wanting to sabotage all enjoyment to be had this merry morning...

I may or may not have been the one to do it. I don't see any evidence... Oh darn there is black furs stuck to it! Oh for dogness sake... It proves NOTHING!

We rushed Santy urgently to the Medigcal Centre in the Animal Ambulance. Mr Koda MD, hard at work... with my sidekick... any ideas for an awesome title for Mr Prince anyone?

You will notice I am rocking a new fashion statement also, the Double Collar. Isn't it fab!

Once we had returned with the bad news of Santy's dire situation - his legs could not be reattached, he had lost his squeaker and was a ridiculous specimen of toy... We had to endure hours upon hours of severe questioning. I was not going to be broken... I maintained my stance of confidence... PRINCE! Should you decide to come clean, I beg you, deny everything...

After no official confession had been reached, and under no uncertain terms was anydoggy to be held responsible for such a murdrous intent to destroy, we continued enjoying our afternoon, fossicking around outside, sniffing, sitting, playing with toys again, sitting, walking, sitting again... until Princey's Ma came home, and along with her was Reincarnated Santy!!!!! A twin, an exact replica... He will succumb to my evil ways - Oh by that is not a confession to the earlier slaying of Original Santy... Honest. I am an MD for dogs sake!

She also bought me a pressie and If I don't like it Mr Yakky will get it so at the moment I am liking it as much as doggly possible...

Note the emotive eye expression, good touch wasn't it!! I thought so...

Hope every other doggy and kitty has had a fantastical Saturday!

Mr Koda MD
Busy day entertaining

Koda and Princey
Mates for Life!