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24 December 2009

Summery Sleddoggery

Hello Everyone

On Tuesday we headed out to the park where we do all of our sleddoggery activities and I found this:

Thats right, a sled on wheels! What were we going to do with this you may ask? We did this:

I'm not in these pictures but I trick you not, I did have a turn but at the time Ma was far too busy holding a lead so I didn't do something I shouldn't. She said afterwards that I am "single dog" not a "team dog". She also mentioned something about trying "weightpull" oneday. Don't I do this already, lugging her around three times a week!!!!!!

Heres me doing my post-sledding safety inspection, another of my duties as an MD:

Of course I'm being scratched, Safety Inspector is a position of high authority and I think he wanted to butter me up so the results of my inspection were ok. OO I like the green runners they are pretty, Green is my most favouritist colour.

And after that I finally got to have some free time. So I did this:

I cleaned lots of Number 2 bottom-messes from those messy bunnies. Someone has to.
I also had something exciting happen last night too. I got some visitors! Princey and Schnappi came to visit me and borrow some of our water cos they were thirsty puppers. They sniffed around my house and my yard, dodging my Number Twos and sniffed inside some more. Princey also found my Christmas Presents!!!!!! Hes a sneaky pupper, I think he wanted to take them home with him.
Heres a picture of Princey and Schnappi getting ready to pull the sled on Tuesday. Don't they look professional!

Tonight I am making my Parade Debut in the Riverton Santa Parade. Its going to be fun, I'm going to walk with Ma alongside the sled. Thats why we had a go on Tuesday, to practice our prancing and pulling cos its summertime, and we haven't done much proper work lately. And we need to make sure we all look good!!!
Ma will take her Kamrah so hopefully she will be able to show you some pictures of the parade and all of us doggies in fine form.
See ya for now
(Snoozing and preparing mentally for Santa Parade extravaganza this evening)


Sam said...

Love the photos, and I hope we'll eventually get to see some of YOU in action!

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Oh how I wish I khould be there to run with the sleddoggerers!

Woo need my snow though!