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28 November 2009

Mr Koda MD's Top 3

Howdy Pardnars!

I had a few spare moments to think today. After pondering the ways of the world and how to implement world peace, I started thinking about my most favouritist things in the world. After much deliberation I came up with a few things that I would like to share with all you Gentledoggies and Gentlekitties

Koda's Top 3...Moments
1. The moment that I decided that I should have been born a Siberian Husky. My best friends are Siberian Huskies, I like to pull and sometimes I decide that I DON'T want to do what I'm told. I like to be around my fellow canines and love to sleep all day, saving up my energy for those desperate times. See! Perfect Sibe material. Its just the canvas that wasn't thought out quite right and I got this dogforesaken black sheeny fur, floppy ears and some other Labrador-like qualities.

2. The moment I realised that cats are a dogs best friend AND a dogs worst enemy. This moment happened on my 8 week old barkday. Cats are fantastic friends - they enjoy sleeping, eating and a nice warm heater to curl up beside - cats are creatures after my own heart. However when you chase them they like to stop, turn around and take a swipe at any chasing doggies snout. It Hurts!

3. The moment I succeeded in migrating indoors. Who in their right mind of sorts wants to sleep outside in the cold, wet, breezy, noisy outsideness!!! I much prefer my bed, with its fleecy golden labrador blanky for my comfort only of course. And even better than that is the big bed, but sometimes it just seems a little degrading to sleep at someones feet. Sleeping inside has its perks also. You can wake your humans up at the crack of dawn and they CAN NOT ignore you. Especially if you wag your tail near a wall so all they hear is "thunk thunk thunk" which I have mastered and do so frequently. Fantastical!

Koda's Top 3...Activities
1. Eating. Pretty obvious really. Thats the Labrador coming out in me.

2. Sleeping. Also obvious. Who doesn't enjoy it? If you answered "ME", you are wacko.

3. Going walking, running, scootering!!!!!!!!! Its the most exciting part of my day and is always followed by the points described in number 1 and number 2!!

Koda's Top 3...Humans sayings
1. "Bikkies". This is one of the best words in the human language. MMMM...Bikkies....nom nom nom.

2. "Do you want to go in the car?". YAY!!!!!! This means fun and adventures! Love it.

3. "Go Pee". Sometimes its hard to convince yourself that you really need to go number 1s but its just too darn warm inside to be going out into the weather. So when someone suggests that I "go pee", you feel so relieved and happy that you can spend the rest of the day pleasantly comfortable and unbusting.

Koda's Top 3...Movies
1. 8 Below!!! It was awesome and I do admit I had a bit of a crush on Mya. Isn't she just the greatest doggy hero in the world, and beautiful too.

2. New Moon. I haven't viewed this one yet. Ma said it has wolves in it. Aren't wolves just extra big doggies?

3. Brother Bear. Can anydoggy or kitty guess why? Its because I was named after the Koda bear in this movie. Anyone who hasn't watched it needs to arrange to view it - pronto!

Nom nom nom....SIGH!...YAWN!...

I'm getting a lil sleepy from all this thinking! I think I might have to have a snooze and will think about my next favouritist things.

Mr Koda (Yawned and Sleeperous)


Huffle Mawson said...

Very interesting top threes there Mr Koda! You know, not only am I black cat, but I am an honorary husky too!

The Thundering Herd said...

My first reaction was - do you know LabraDave of the A04? Proof that you be a Lab inside a Sibe suit, so maybe you are a Sibe in a Lab suit.

But then there was that whole stretch of sleeping indoors in the warmth. Er - we have to be drug in the house at night because we LOVE sleeping in the cold. Just saying.

The OP Pack said...

Maybe as a Sibe in a Lab suit, you can be our Honorary Husky lab! We know you spend a lot of time with Team Husky, so why not?

Eating, sleeping, car rides, bikkies - all favorites here too.

Woos, the OP Pack

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I do hope you don't listen and/or khome when you are khalled.

THAT is another key to be a one of us!

I'm proud to have woo in my pakhk and on my khorner!