Sleep 'til you're hungry, eat 'til you're sleepy ~ Unknown

The average amount of sleep required is 5 minutes more ~ Unknown

14 November 2009

Lazy Saturday

Good Morning Gentledoggies

Its Saturday. I had my breakfast spread at 5am and have been restless since. Not that I had a big activity filled day planned, but it would be nice to get off the couch for a moment.

If not, sleep it is, if I have to.

I know, it sounds terrible doesn't it? A day on the couch. Not so much for me.

The other weekend we did a fun run thingy in which I pulled Her Indoors to a silver medal victory and she won chocolates, she told me that doggies weren't allowed them, but I think she just wanted to scoff her face with them. What do you think?

I did get some doggie treats they were delicious, although there just wasn't enough of them.

The event was a circuit where you had to nominate a time that it would take you to get around. Heres a delightful picture of me PULLING my Ma over the finish line. I think she was skipping, the goose! Why would you skip in a serious event such as this!!!!

Why do I have to do the work?

Thats why, if today is a lazy Saturday, thats ok...


Sam said...

What is it with you labradoggies? Marge has been on the go ALL day. Three walks, and I know she'll still be demanding her nightly walk later.

Hope you find a way to entertain yourself!

Bijou said...

Hi Mr Koda MD,

Thanks for visiting my blog and welcome to the blogosphere!

I get bored easily too, so I'm glad to have my little brother. We spend alot of time rassling and playing chase.

Maybe you need a fursibling?


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I'm sure woo will find some kind of pawsitive akhtivity to pass your day!