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01 November 2009

Greetings and Salutations Friends!

Hullo! I have entered this blogging world without human companionment ready to offer advice, support, friendship while I attempt to take over the world.

Let me introduce myself folks:

M - Mindful
R - Regal

K - Kodalicious
O - Opportunistic
D - Diligent
A - Admirable

M - Modest
D - Devoted

1 comment:

Team Husky said...

Hawoo Mr Koda MD

I would like yur advice. It is fury important and I hope woo can helps me.

I haf a girl I like but Maw won't let me have some private time wif her.

Any idea how I can either change my Maw's mind or sneak some private time wif her?

Also my brudder likes her fury much too and has had some private time wif her, does this mean I should not like her?

Play bows and woofs